Frank Burnaby


Praise for Island Born excerpted from major publishing house rejections:

“I think the writing about the sea is first-rate. The adventure aspect of the book is first-rate…”

“It’s an amazing story—the courage—I perhaps should say chutzpah—necessary to undertake such a trip without knowing how to sail is incredible. And then, of course, what ensues is even more amazing….”

“…there is some absolutely splendid writing in this, and at the core it’s a compelling story that speaks to a lot of people’s fantasies….”

“Everyone liked it but no one could figure out how to sell it.”  She said that many hard-to-please editors enjoyed it thoroughly.

“The story is marvelous, and Frank and Gayle emerge as larger than life “characters in his narrative….”

“I liked aspects of the book a lot. My favorite moment is the villagers’ horror at seeing a white baby for the first time!”

“I am quite taken with this memoir and am sharing copies with some of my colleagues. He writes beautifully, and it’s really an amazing story.”

“Thank you for sending me IB by FB. Judging by Burnaby’s beautiful use of language, it doesn’t surprise me to learn that Burnaby is a poet. This is a lovely read, spun through with languor, danger, and introspection about all the moments in between.

“I have been of two minds about this memoir—I was really sucked in by it, it’s a wonderful story and Frank Burnaby is a good writer. It’s a book I would love to publish….”

“I’ve sampled it, not far enough for a decision. He’s an easy read!”

She called the book “beautifully written” and “captivating….”



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  1. Michael Kyne says:

    Frank has written an amazing account of his and Gayles journey. After 22 years in the writing he has brought to life a tale that is so incredible that it puts in the shade current fiction adventures. I purchased the book because not only is Frank my friend I was there with Mr. O’Riordan when Joya sailed from Lymington dock. I am reading the book because it is a well written, mind boggling tale. I am annoyed at my father in law because he went and died yesterday and I am anxious to send him on his way so I can get back to the book.
    Well done Frank

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