Frank Burnaby

Reader Comments

FROM JANE – March 1, 2013:
“I felt like I was a parrot on your shoulder, not knowing which way to turn my head to take in all the sights, yelling out loud the many superb poetic lines, whistling and cackling with delight at the crazy antics of the crazy humans. It was epic, it was heart-wrenching, I fell in love with the people, the place(s), the great adventure and I grieved long and hard when the journey was over.”

FROM BRENDA March 2013
I’m loving your story so much… I haven’t wanted to devour a book in one long read in years. The poetry in your prose pulls me easily along – and I’m a tough customer re: getting through books. Usually drift away, with the best of intentions to finish, because some essential spark is missing. You provide it. The texture beautifully fits the sort of roughness – that’s not quite the right word, but the sort of ‘draft’ state of young lives in the making – of stage and state of life. It’s a fine combination of cheekiness and strong steps, while lost in the wilderness of tentative, yet bold love unfolding…. and it’s pulling me along in ways that very, very few tales do.

FROM NOWICK – April 13, 2013
“Island Born is a monumental book, a real thriller start to finish, and a joy to read with its rich descriptions and well-paced dialogue. The best stories, after all, are the true ones, and this one is true not only in the facts as they are brought to life, but also in the depth of the personal challenges faced and overcome. It is an archetypal story of heroic adventure against all odds, yet strikes home with the personal honesty of the narrator who after all is vulnerable and human. What starts with enticing promise navigates a wild ride to a satisfying conclusion, its characters discovering the world, and themselves, the meaning of freedom, and love.” –Nowick

FROM BRAD – April 22, 2013
I just wanted to give a shout out to our brother Frank. I am so happy I went to your book launch last week Frank. Your stories/Life/book are inspiring the crap out of me. As I shared with you the other day, I’m the type of guy who only reads one or two books per year and your book has me turning page after page with excited anticipation of what happens next. You are a profoundly gifted writer and your ability to recall the most gorgeous of details has me there on the journey with you ever breath of the way….

Any of you brothers who want an epic read, gift yourself Franks’ book. You will no doubt be inspired by his journey.

Thanks for sharing your heart with the world brother.
Deep respect!


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