Frank Burnaby



  1. Lad Lavicka says:

    Hi Frank-I googled your name and lo and behold came up with IB which I will read as soon as I get it… I’ve been reminiscing about
    our various sailing adventures and can’t wait to read about you and Gayle aboard Joya and the incredible adventures you survived and
    Are sharing. I remember our sails aboard Joya with Kevin O’Riordan in the Solent practising man overboard manoevers… Seeing your photos
    Of those times brings so many more memories back.

    I remember receiving a post card from you soon after buying a small hotel in Truckee California asking if Paul and I would come get Joya and sail her back to Calif. for you as you and Gayle were now proud parents.

    I’m now living in Vail CO coaching kids in Alpine racing while our youngest finishes up his senior year at the Vail Race Academy. I will order your book today. Looking forward to hearing from you and Gayle.. So much to talk about.

    Cheers, Lad

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