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Dear Friends, including everyone who has supported Island Born, my gratitude and thanks! Your like-button pushing, comments, and purchases of Island Born have been amazing. I am floored by your support. Contradiction in terms, but the truth. The themes underlying this incredible voyage to an unknown … [Read More...]


Island Born Available Now

The sun has risen in the West! Island Born is now available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook readers. Also anyone with an iPad can read both Amazon and Barnes and Noble purchases by using the free Kindle for iPad or Nook for iPad applications. If you use the iBooks app with your iPad, Island … [Read More...]

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Days of heavy weather Frank and Gayle in pay photobox in Djbouti Gayle in Arabian Sea with my brother and Michelle Just arrived at our new home With kids On our beach with Mosabe, Kokko, & Abdulla Frank and Kokko back in Los Angeles Gayle 2 weeks overdue and relieved to be moved in